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L.R. Smith Pool & Spa
Luxury Swimming Pools

L.R. Smith Pool & Spa, LLC
Licensed and Insured
Tennessee License Number 75651

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Custom Pool Design and Engineering

We recognize that leisure is an art form and that's why we want to make sure your luxury pool is more than just a place to lounge-it should complement your lifestyle, your home, and your surroundings. 

With state-of-the-art design software, L.R. Smith Pool & Spa, LLC is able to design and 3D render your dream pool for you to view before construction even begins.  L.R. Smith uses Viz Terra Pool Studio to not only show you what your luxury pool will look like, but also allow you to hear what your outdoor oasis will sound like.

Luxury pool design and engineering Nashville

Expert Pool Construction

The longevity and functionality of your luxury pool is just as important as the way your luxury pool looks.

L.R. Smith Pools & Spa, LLC, constructs pools of gunite; gunite has proven to offer a myriad of design options as well as offer longevity and stability over time.

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Luxury Gunite Pools for Middle Tennessee

All About L.R. Smith Pools & Spa, LLC

L.R. Smith Pools & Spa has over thirty years of experience in designing, engineering and building custom, luxury pools.  Ten year ago, L.R. Smith saw the benefits of gunite over pool liners and has been specializing in luxury gunite pools ever since. 

With over thirty years of designs, L.R. Smith Pools & Spa is happy to construct pools from Nashville to Bowling Green. 

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Luxury Pools for Nashville 

L.R. Smith Luxury Pools & Spa, LLC is happy to offer free estimates.  Please provide your information and what you are looking for.

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